4 Steps To Become A Booking Genius

Are you seeking a cost-effective and practical approach to enhance your travel experiences? Look no further! Familiar with Booking.com, the renowned global travel agency? Allow us to introduce Genius, its exceptional loyalty program offering escalating benefits at each program level.

Effortless Sign-Up

Unlike other loyalty programs, acquiring a Genius profile is a breeze. Simply create an account on Booking.com, and your Genius profile automatically comes with it. It’s as straightforward as that.

Elevate For Greater Perks

Now that you’ve secured your Genius profile, you’ll find yourself initially placed on the first level. Genius features levels 1 through 3, allowing progression through the ranks by following specific steps. Let’s delve into the details of each step, the rewards they offer, and how to advance to the next level.

Genius Level 1
With Genius Level 1, enjoy a lifelong discount of 10%, applicable to both stays and car rentals. Further details on discount application and qualifying bookings will be explored later in this article.

Genius Level 2
To reach Genius Level 2, complete 5 bookings on select stays and rental cars within 2 years. Upon reaching this level, your stay discount increases to 15%, accompanied by complimentary breakfast and room upgrades on select stays. Once achieved, these benefits are yours indefinitely; there’s no reverting to Level 1.

Genius Level 3
Building on the appeal of Level 2, Level 3 raises the maximum discount to 20%. Achieving this level, earned by completing 15 bookings on select stays and rental cars, brings additional perks like priority support on all your stays.

source: Booking.com – hotel room with queen bed, fireplace and living space

The Advantages

A standout benefit of the Genius program is access to discounted stays in over 390 thousand properties worldwide. These participating properties are easily identified by the distinctive blue Genius label, ensuring clarity about program inclusion.
As highlighted earlier, a significant advantage is the permanence of each level attained. Once you unlock a new level, the associated discount is retained for life, ensuring enduring benefits.

Genius facilitates swift progression through its levels, allowing travelers to quickly access the best available discounts. Whether booking stays or rental cars, guaranteed growth ensures rapidly improving benefits.

Travel Economically

With all Genius levels unlocked, travel becomes more affordable than ever. When perusing Booking.com, keep an eye out for properties with the Genius label to fully capitalize on the program’s perks. You won’t be disappointed!

Now that you’re acquainted with the remarkable Genius tool, you’re well on your way to making savvy financial decisions for both your wallet and your travel aspirations. Create your account now and start enjoying the rewards! Also, don’t forget to explore our companion article, “The Guide to Finding Your Perfect Accommodation,” for additional travel insights.

Bruna Gorresio